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A Letter from the Site Administrator

Hi there! I’m Kelvin and I’d like to welcome you with open arms to my blog, so eloquently named to reference this blog’s focus on network and systems administration, sprinkling in some other IT topics as well over time.

The goal here is to have a “time capsule” of sorts I can refer myself or other people to in the future to show those who I need to see what I did in, hopefully, great detail in the past. Please refer to the informational pages found in “About” for more information about me specifically.

I’m a high school student that has a love and joy for Info. Tech. and I hope that through posts of my various projects and journeys that I embark on to expand my skillset and knowledge of different technologies, that I can share that joy with you.

Refer to the primary menu bar in the header (top) of this website to find other pages. Additionally, categories and tags as well as a search bar are available both as separate tabs on the menu bar and the sidebar if you’d like to quickly narrow down a particular kind of post. I’ll try to keep the organization system fairly well tagged, but if the organization on my desk/backpack are indicative of my track record…don’t hold your breath.

One last note – I welcome anyone, whether you live and breathe IT or not. If you don’t, I warn you that you may not be familiarized with some of the content found on this blog. However, I will try my best to simplify some concepts and a category for IT fundamentals has been established to put posts concerning more basic concepts in if you’d like to refer to it.

For the rest of my IT brethren, enjoy!

Enjoy IT’ing,
Kelvin Tran

P.S. More Cisco!