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Happy Cisco Cert Rollover Day!


Last updated on 03/14/2020

Sorry that this blog is quickly becoming a bit of a Cisco haven…I’ll bring in some other vendors soon, I hope! I’ve just been doing way too much Cisco!

Anyway, today is the fated day! February 24th, 2020, the day where all of the certifications we knew and loved (e.g. all R&S tracks, all CCNA concentrations, etc.) have been placed into a retired state! New certifications have come to take their places and a new DevNet line of certs (which I may or may not be planning on getting) is also here to soothe the pain of losing our old friends!

If you had the old certifications, you will be transitioned to the new certifications. If you got some of the exams (e.g. ROUTE + SWITCH = CCNP ENCOR), you may be given credit depending on how many of the exams you were able to pass before the cut-off date.

Either way, happy rollover day, hope y’all get your certs!


Also, my sworn enemy on one of the Discord servers I’m most active in (the-packet-thrower, aka Meow) has uploaded a video paying tribute to all the Cisco certifications…it’s hard to admit it, but it’s one of the only videos he has that’s actually any good! Check it out here, but don’t you dare subscribe!

Just kidding, subscribe if you want! 5% of the time, he’s a cool dude all the time!

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