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And a new decade is here… Happy New Year, folks!


Last updated on 03/14/2020

To whoever is reading this: may you be blessed with an amazing 2020 and an equally amazing decade to come. May you ascend to prosperity and earn the opportunities you desire the most.

I’m using this blog post to share some sentiment I harbor regarding the 2010s. I’m 15. The 2000s may as well not have existed (well…with the exception that the 2000s were the decade of my conception – nothing major though…) to me, as I got to experience next to nothing. The 2010s though is where everything got started for me. At the end of the 2000s, assuming my parents aren’t lying to me (which, why would they….heh?), I picked up my interest in technology. That’s where everything started to blossom.

Time…lots of time, spent on developing my love and passion for this industry and every facet of this dynamic industry. I can’t express in words how much love I have for the 2010s…even if society made it shit. I also can’t express in words the immense love for IT and everything around me that has changed so drastically to the point of near non-recognition.

So many people, so many positive experiences, so many negative experiences…the 2010s has treated me well.

May the 2020s be a decade of golden opportunities for me and everyone else who earns it. Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!

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