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I’ve got a YouTube channel now!


Last updated on 03/14/2020

If you like the corny jokes I have on my site now, only said with a dry voice, go check out my IT-focused YouTube channel! It’s the premiere channel for people who thought to themselves one alcohol-filled night “hey, you know what would be fun? Watching a 15 year old try to clear an OSPFv3 process by using ‘clear ip ospf process’!”

Alrighty, in all seriousness, I’m going to start posting some valuable content for a bunch of stuff in IT (won’t just be Cisco, don’t worry – got one on some Windows Server stuff planned)! If you want a learning resource that is written/filmed from the lens of a 15 year old, go check it out!

Now that I say that last sentence, you probably don’t want that…whatever, check it out anyway!

What’s that? I can’t hear you? You don’t have the link? Oh, silly me…see, I forget that you need a link to access stuff!

You want the link? Fine…here you go.

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