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Hey, everyone! About my absence…


Hey there, everyone! I’m sure that the 3 people that are viewing this are probably wondering a couple of things:

  • Where the heck I’ve been
  • Why I haven’t posted my CCNP article(s) yet
  • What’s going to happen with the site

No, just me? Alrighty.

I’ve been using Apache and Ubuntu to run this website, and it’s sort of been working out well. However, I’m currently using Ubuntu 19.04 (a non-LTS release) to run this VM and an upgrade ended up breaking my website (a disaster I only managed to recover from because I had the foresight to take a snapshot of the VM before I ran the upgrade command). The problem is that Ubuntu 19.04 is, as a non-LTS version, currently unsupported by Canonical and as such, I will be upgrading both my web server software and the actual operating system itself to versions that will be more supported. This will result in notable downtime this weekend (the weekend of April 25, 2020).

Where have I been? Well, with the coronavirus pandemic that’s ongoing, I’ve been busy as a mother duck (yes, I did just make that analogy – no, I don’t think it’s good). Schoolwork, continued IT study, etc. – I haven’t even had time to make a new YouTube video! With that being said, on that end, I will be posting my long awaited CCNP article (I decided to condense everything into one article) and will be delivering a new CCNP-oriented video on BGP! Yay!

Anyway, I hope everyone stays safe and I hope that answers any questions that you all may have had regarding my absence from this blog / YouTube channel. Don’t worry, I’m going to be back soon with my usual corny jokes! Eh, let’s be honest, who was worried in the first place? 😀

Stay safe, y’all! “And as we say in my hometown, don’t forget to be awesome!” (if you’re a student, you’ll know that that’s from Crash Course, an educational YouTube channel – if you aren’t, well, now you know!)

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