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I’ve finally done it! – Implementation of SSL/TLS Support


Last updated on 03/14/2020

Finally, I’ve done it! Thanks to Let’s Encrypt (a non-profit organization providing free SSL/TLS certificates signed and validated by a CA) and Certbot on my Linux-based web server, I have successfully implemented SSL for on this website. I will eventually add a wildcard cert, as soon as I can figure out how to get Cloudflare to work with that. Additionally, for now, I’m going to be running on the Cloudflare Universal SSL certificate until I can figure out how to get end-to-end communication using my Let’s Encrypt certificate…let’s be honest, it’s probably better that we’re using Cloudflare’s Universal SSL certificate.

Please note that for the next few days/weeks, some of the links on this website may either be a.) broken and/or b.) redirect to a non-secure version of the website while I change those links over to HTTPS-compatible links.

Please note that HTTP support is still enabled for purposes of compatibility. If your browser doesn’t support HTTPS, just remove the “s” in the “https://” that precedes the links in your address bar for this website. But let’s be honest – if your browser doesn’t support HTTPS, what are you using? A 1998 edition of Netscape Navigator?

Anyhow, thanks y’all! Enjoy your extra security while reading about…whatever the hell I do.

  1. As a quick little FYI, for anyone who sees this while this process is occurring…SSL/TLS has been disabled for the domain while I transition from the domain to the new domain.

    • Transition completed! See the respective downtime notice for more information.

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