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Trivia (03/01/2020) – BGP? A Fine Routing Protocol Indeed!


Last updated on 03/14/2020

Welcome to the first trivia question! This is a question that relates to BGP to the extent that it’s covered on the CCNP Enterprise Routing concentration (300-410 – ENARSI).


Congratulations! You know your BGP route-refresh!

Better luck next time!

#1 What configuration command is required for BGP to advertise the enhanced route-refresh capability to its neighbors (assuming it’s supported)?

You don’t need to enable route-refresh on a BGP neighbor for the capability to be advertised in the BGP open message (assuming, of course, that route refresh is supported on the router/version of IOS). This is in contrast to soft reconfiguration, which does require such a configuration (neighbor x.x.x.x soft-reconfiguration inbound) due to soft-reconfiguration’s increased intricacy with the separate memory tables that it needs to perform graceful BGP refreshes.


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