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Trivia (3/14/2020) – More Active Directory!


Hey, y’all! Sorry that it’s been a while since I’ve posted a trivia set here, I’ve been super held up with personal and schooling-related stuff! I’ve also been preparing a set of YouTube videos prepared to be released sometime this week!

To make up for the fact that I haven’t posted something here in a while, I’ve put two questions in this trivia set for double the fun…or terror, however you look at it. Hey, if it’s more terror, know that I mean it. 🙂

And yes, the ROUTE/TSHOOT posts are coming…prepare your razors because you’ll have grown a full beard by the time those posts come! Jkjk, maybe a half beard…

Here’s the trivia!


Congratulations! You know your Active Directory! Keep going!

Oof. Maybe go back and look at AD Sites?

#1 What Active Directory feature allows assignment of computers to logical groups based on their subnets?

An Active Directory site (created via the Active Directory Sites and Services MMC) is a logical group created in Active Directory designed to correspond to physical locations. It does this by mapping to subnet objects that aid in classifying particular computers that join and authenticate to the Active Directory domain via the subnet(s) that the IP address(es) of the computers fall under. An AD OU is a classification object in Active Directory used to apply universal security policy and simplify management for related groups of computers. An AD security group can be used to contain users or other groups and can be used to simplify and centralize the distribution of security permissions (e.g. NTFS permissions) to one AD security principal.

#2 What command line utility should you use to access the ADSI Edit utility in Windows Server?

The command “regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\adsiedit.dll” can be used to register the ADSI Edit as a valid MMC. regsv32 is not a valid Windows command. Register-MMC is not a valid PowerShell cmdlet. adsiedit –register is not a valid command.


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