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Questions & Answers (Q&A)

I can’t quite name this the FAQ page, because not enough people ask these questions for them to be considered “frequently asked questions”. This is just a page of questions that I’m going to add to overtime as I think of questions that might confuse anybody. Feel free to look here before you use the Google Form contact form to contact me.

Q: Why are some of the posts protected?

Protected posts are published with the intention that they only be viewed, for the time being, by those who are going to most likely proofread them before I publish them to the public. They’re not ready for the public audience to read, but I still need to have them published so that I can send them to friends and have a second pair of eyes review it and catch mistakes that I may have not been able to spot before (writing wise).

Q: Why are some of the pages protected?

Same answer as why posts are protected at times. They’ll likely clear up in due time, unless my schedule isn’t the most forgiving.

Q: Is there a regular posting schedule?

“H-e-double hockey sticks” no! Sorry, but as a full-time student, I don’t have enough time to start enough projects to dictate a regular posting schedule. I’ll post when I post. I may have email notifications for posting in the future, but that will come when I find the time to implement proper email support for the WordPress service on this website. For now, sorry, but unless you want to subscribe using RSS (which is an option), there isn’t an easy way to get notified about the irregular times at which I may create new postings on here. Rest assured, I am working on ensuring that quality content is made available for the public to gain more exposure to IT from a younger person’s perspective!

Q: Should I get into Information Technology?

Good question! Click here to find out!