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How My Website is Organized

You may have noticed that there are, on this website, categories and tags. There are also monthly archives that the program powering this website (WordPress) automatically generates for your enjoyment as well. You may, at this point, very justifiably be wondering how the heck to use all of these features to find what you’re looking for. Not to worry, this page is here to help!

Categories are used to assign a “type” to each post that encompasses a broad spectrum. For example, I may post about the fundamentals of IP networking. In this case, the category assigned to this will be something along the lines of “fundamentals”, to highlight the general type of posting it is. That way, those who are already familiar with basic IT concepts can save time by not having to search through postings that are regarding fundamental concepts. Some postings may even have two or more categories assigned to them, depending upon the type of post and how many categories it may fall under. Note that searching within a category may reveal posts that span multiple tags. For example, searching within the fundamentals category may yield results that have to do with IPv4 networking or how to set up Windows Server. It will have to do with some fundamental concept though. However, categories don’t do much good for those who are looking for something specific within fundamental concepts. For example, knowing that a post is about fundamental concepts doesn’t help someone looking specifically for posts about basic IPv4 addressing, as an example. That’s where tags come in.

Searching within a tag can reveal posts that span across multiple categories. For example, referring to the above example, if you do a search within the category of fundamentals, you will not find posts that are all about IPv4 networking. If you want purely IPv4 networking, you will want to use a tag. As it is used on this website, a tag refers to a specific topic while a category refers to a specific type/style of post. If you search using a tag, you will find posts about IPv4 networking, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, Windows Server, Linux, you name it. But it probably won’t all be under one category. Tags can also be used to find posts related to one you may have just read. Under each post, a list of tags that I’ve assigned to the post will be visible. Click on the tag and you’ll find posts that are at least somewhat, if not significantly related to the post you just read.

Beyond the information I’ve provided you above, you can go to the Categories page to find all the categories available on the website or the Tags to find the most used tags. Note that at this time, we have no option to list all of the tags used, due to the logistical complexity of it being a potentially long list. If you need to find a specific tag and it’s not on the tags page, either search for it using the search function on this website or find a related post using a category and then click on the tag in that post.